Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I always am grateful with my life (though sometimes i cannot stand the notion of being surrounded by the news of others’ achievement or improvement ; esp my TESLl friend which had graduated on the same day with me, are toooooooooooooooo farrrrr better than me! I’m a human. So I bet it’s normal. Haha!

But again I really am grateful with my life…

Sunday, October 4, 2009

hope it is still not too late....

for me to say....


bz yg amat!

i guess the title has clearly explained what i am trying to say here! yeay!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

YEAP! I did it by myself!

yesterday, i went to renew my car's road tax (since it will be expired on sept 10) and insurance. i was quite nervous before i went through the process because this is my first time. huhu. as i arrived at the bank, i asked the officer how can i renew, and pleasantly he said that i need to go to the 1st floor for the process. then i went to the counter and settled everything smoothly...but before that, the man at the counter did ask me, do you want to renew ur car road tax? i said yes, then he asked me, can i see your license, i said ok. then he said, i looked young to handle everything, that is why he asked me those questions..lalu saya pn berkata2 dlm hati..hmmm..biase dah...haha. maybe the look of first timer was obviously showed in my face! ngeh. then he gave me a payment slip which stated quite a big amount that i need to pay at the ground floor's counter. so, i went down happily and wait for my turn. sorry to say, but the service was so slow even there was only less then 10 customers in the bank, i was the third and i have to wait almost 40 minutes for the payment ( they only open one counter eventho they have 4! huh!). while waiting, i saw a policeman outside the bank staring with interest at my car. then i realised, OMG! i've parked my car illegally in fornt of the bank. i then rushed panically before the policeman write a love notes to me. as i reached the door the guard told me to used the back door since the bank have to be sealed for a while to give way for the the bankers to reload the money in the atm machine.. i was like what the...(sabar bulan pose...)then i rushed to the back door and run (in my baju kurung for your info as i went to the bank straight away after school hour) to my car. saya pun berkate kpd en.polis yg telah pun mengluarkan love note nye dan tengah menjengah-jengah number plat kete saya.
"cik maaf ni kete saya" -
en.polis (with stern and soulless face) "awk pergi mane tadi?"
saya,"sy ade urusan kat bank cik"
en.polis "lain kali jgn letak kete mcm ni. salah. (sambil menutup love note nye dan menuju ke motor perondanye untuk blah).
"maaf cik..tak sengaje. time kasih" (sambil melompat kegirangn dlm hati..alhmdulillah)

ni sume salah org bank yg lembap tuh! huh! then went back in to the bank and waited for my turn patiently(thou my face was still red at that time i guess) and settled everything smoothly.. yay! hmmm... cian kene wat snirik sume bende nih sorang2...ni la naseb seorang perantau.. huhu. but i was happy becuase i have done what i have to do! hmm hmm.. btw, otw back to pokok sena, i've washed my car as well.. double yay!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

can I have a one month break with pay?


am so bored of my current situation as I am stucked in my current position without any improvement. I always want to improve myself to the FULLEST!
but with these so many barriers I have to undergo, it will be very much intricated for me to get through the challenges! I always pray that God will give me the potency and determination to achieve what I want as I always belief that

Wednesday, July 15, 2009



one should feel like this (or if u could find stronger words to replace that)
when someone is willing to change because of you
when someone is willing to do anything because of you
when you know that someone is placing their highest hope on you
when this someone is far more beyond any words to be described..

Monday, July 13, 2009


i am missing everyone and everything